Relationship in
the Workplace

The quality of Relationships in the workplace is a critical lever for the achievement of desired results. Addressing human interaction at work is a greatly undervalued strategy in the pursuit of individual and organizational business success.

When is

not about relationships?
alignment around
a shared vision
a strategic problem
or opportunity
an execution or
engagement challenge

The essence of my work with individuals and groups is to help them Initiate, Build, Nurture, Enhance, Leverage and Renew the quality of Relationships in order to:

Develop compelling and empowering LEADERSHIP through greater self-awareness and acceptance of reality and risk.

Build mutual TRUST through effective communication and negotiation.

Uncover the source of ENGAGEMENT and greater productivity.

Create a CULTURE which aligns human effort towards the achievement of common objectives.

Capture ongoing LEARNING which helps people grow, strengthens the organizationís adaptability to change and drives innovation.


In the context of "Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous" business realities, the ability to understand oneself and oneís world is increasingly useful in managing the intangible aspects of business performance. Individuals, Teams and Organizations can all benefit from an increased focus on choosing to build relationship with Self, Others or the System.


Become a more compelling leader. Choose to effectively manage the time you spend at work, contributing to an organization whose activities fit with your values and aspirations and where you have impact. Grow as a person, learning from interactions at work to gain greater confidence and wisdom.



Make effective use of the real diversity of perspectives around the table. Avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy agreement ("groupthink"). Establish real trust in order to meet and exceed objectives while having fun. Learn from each other to create a unique team experience worth remembering.



Acknowledge the human element in business and gain access to the best in people. Develop leaders who take responsibility for their contribution. Become a key talent attractor based on a sustainable culture of performance, innovation and growth of people as well as financial results.