Louise Macdonald

Louise Macdonald has been a consultant to business organizations for almost 30 years, so she knows that organizational life can be challenging... and also that it presents a great opportunity to be curious about oneself, others and the system. We are thrown together with people we didn’t choose to be with, to work on common objectives which may or may not be reasonable, contributing to a mission with which we may or may not agree! But individuals and teams exposed to different personalities and unfamiliar situations can learn, grow and accelerate their capacity for insight and real wisdom... and positively contribute to business results in doing so.

Having started her career working in the Canadian banking and paper industries, Louise soon made the entrepreneurial leap into independent consulting. She later co-founded Bussandri Macdonald Groupe conseil, a boutique human resources consulting firm based in Montreal which was acquired nine years later by Knightsbridge Human Capital Management. She was Managing Director, Eastern Region until 2007, when she left to resume her consulting practice. She currently works independently and in partnership with several global leadership, strategy and culture change consultancies.

With a degree in Industrial Relations from the Université de Montréal, graduate work in Adult Education and complementary training in Counselling and Systems Thinking, Louise studied Organizational Learning and the Action Science methodology with the late Chris Argyris, professor emeritus at Harvard University. She collaborated with Professor Henry Mintzberg on the Advanced Leadership Programme at McGill University. Louise holds the ICD.D. Canadian chartered directors’ designation, and served three terms on the boards of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority as well as the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. As a bicultural Canadian, she is perfectly fluent in French and English, and she can have a decent conversation in Spanish.