President and CEO, Falck
    A critical role in getting us on track

    As a new leadership team charged with a critical turnaround mission for Falck, we have greatly benefited from our collaboration with Louise. In the initial phase our sessions with Louise allowed us to maneuver a complex agenda. Through our continued collaboration with her we not only got smarter around ourselves as a team, but acquired a language and shared tools that have helped us plan for the company’s long term success. We take pride in saving and improving lives at Falck, and Louise has played a critical role in getting us on track to deliver on this purpose.

    EVP Human Resources
    was EVP, Insurance, TD Bank Group and President & CEO,
    TD Insurance
    Developing winning teams

    I have worked closely with Louise for over 20 years. My first exposure to her was during a leadership development programme intended to evaluate and elevate leadership capability. She was an amazing facilitator – stretching people’s frame of reference, knowledge and skill sets. Over the years, Louise has helped me grow as a leader and become more self-aware. We have built on my strengths, while challenging areas of growth. I have engaged her to help develop winning teams - teams that not only became more collaborative and effective, but ones that grew to be leaders themselves. On a more personal note, I appreciate Louise’s genuine approach; her authentic personality differentiates her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others!

    Executive Vice President, Operations and President, Air Canada Vacations
    was President, Air Canada Leisure Group
    Unlock your true potential

    I have worked with Louise on several mandates, including her role as a coach to a team of executives, as well as individual coaching. Louise possesses rare insight into the very fundamentals of how people interact and work together. Her experience, skills, and tools allow her to leverage these insights into invaluable guidance that allow individuals and teams to unlock their true potential. When this occurs, business results easy follow. Louise has had a uniquely positive impact on me, my colleagues, and the working environment we share.

    Co-Founder, The Cognitas Group
    Infectious warmth and insights

    Louise is a strong part of the Cognitas team in delivering leadership programmes and organisational change. She combines an infectious warmth with insights about what makes people tick and how to drive change. She is determined in helping people grow, adept at adjusting her approaches to cater to multi-cultural and multi-lingual situations, and always goes the extra mile.

    Vice President, Laval-Laurentians and West Island
    Taking a step back

    I have known and worked with Louise for over 15 years, and I appreciate her capacity to build team synergy by getting us to take a step back to gain perspective. Her work is designed to produce outcomes that meet our needs within the business context. She is a great listener, and her experience is reassuring when we need to take risks to evolve the team. Whether addressing a difficult situation or in the context of improving team performance, Louise adapts her approach to ensure growth and learning for all stakeholders.

    President, Americas Coalitions, Aimia
    A talented facilitator

    Louise has been a great partner to Aimia, supporting many of our leadership development endeavours. She has delivered differentiated and tailored executive leadership development experiences, helping many leaders individually build on their strengths as well as collectively build stronger teams. She is also a talented facilitator who effectively takes conversations to a different level, helping uncover deep insights while engaging participants in the process and driving sustainable outcomes.

    Vice President IT Delivery, Personal and Commercial,
    National Bank of Canada
    Self-evaluation and faster collaboration

    The Executive Coaching sessions with Louise allowed me to develop a capacity for self-evaluation, which now makes me more autonomous when it comes to my own continuous improvement. I also learned to really listen to others, so that I can more quickly get to a level of close collaboration in my relationships.

    Managing Director, Infrastructure Investments
    PSP Investments
    Thinking partner on key issues

    Louise provides a comfortable and focussed setting for open and frank discussions, allowing for concerted efforts in thinking through key issues. She knows how to surface important and sometimes sensitive areas, and goes a step further by providing strategic advice on how to address them.

    President, MasterCard Canada
    To identify both challenge and opportunity

    Louise asks the right (often tough) questions. She knows how to get under the issue quickly and probe effectively to identify both the challenge and opportunity. Louise does a solid job at bringing together diverse groups of executives into new environments and enabling a very open management team style and dialogue. In our case, Louise played a strong role with both the team and one-on-one, balancing her understanding of the team dynamics with the needs of each individual team member. I have in the past and will continue to recommend Louise.

    Chief Human Resources Officer, TC Transcontinental
    Building a strategic vision

    Louise is a multi-faceted Organization Development professional. She assisted my HR team in building a strategic vision and aligning our priorities to the business issues at hand. Her ability to diagnose issues on a « real-time basis » and work with individuals looking at problems from diverse backgrounds was highly regarded.

    Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific, Aimia
    Improved performance

    My personal performance and that of the teams I’ve led has been improved by the models, constructs and active listening models that Louise has perfected over the years. Remembering the 50% rule in interactions both positive and negative has allowed me to work from the others’ point of view with great success.

    Vice President Human Resources, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada
    Engagement of all employees

    Drawing on Louise’s extensive experience in change management, we worked together over two years in the context of our organizational culture transformation. Her approach is designed to create small, relevant breakthroughs that come from structured conversations about culture and processes which are proactively integrated into the daily routine. Louise played a critical role in the success of this initiative by enhancing the positive engagement of all employees toward the necessary changes.

    Managing Director, Taxes, Air Canada
    A greater level of awareness

    Louise’s coaching has had a significant impact on me both personally and professionally. A great resource and sounding board, she was instrumental in helping me identify areas for improvement, capitalize on my strengths, address weaknesses head-on and grow beyond any issue I might be facing. She has the insight to ask the tough questions that get to the heart of issues, while maintaining the right balance of listening, encouraging and understanding. The coaching was challenging, but enlightening and empowering. I have gained a greater level of awareness of myself and others, including a significant level of insight into my leadership skills and how to enhance them further. In addition, I now have better tools to influence and lead strategic change management across many functions.